The World Is A Beautiful Place

Always Foreign (album)

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Sept 29th, 2017

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The World is a Beautiful Place & I am No Longer Afraid To Die have announced the forthcoming release of their third full-length, Always Foreign. Due out September 29 on Epitaph, Always Foreign follows the Connecticut-bred collective’s acclaimed 2015 album Harmlessness.

Produced by TWIABP guitarist Christopher Teti, Always Foreign confronts everything from the opioid epidemic to xenophobia to emotional abuse in relationships. Throughout the album, TWIABP match their sprawling arrangements and layered lyricism with a raw emotionality.

Along with Bello, Cyr, and Teti, the TWIABP lineup includes Tyler Bussey (guitar, banjo, synth, vocals), Dylan Balliett (guitar, vocals), Katie Dvorak (synth, vocals), and Steven K Buttery (percussion, vocals). Formed in Connecticut in 2009, TWIABP made their full-length debut with Whenever, If Ever(a 2013 release hailed as “revolutionary” by Pitchfork) and later delivered Harmlessness (praised as “bold and complex and dazzling” by Noisey and “grandiose and dramatic” by NPR).

Track Listing:
1. I'll Make Everything
2. The Future
3. Hilltopper
4. Faker
5. Gram
6. Dillon and Her Son
7. Blank #12
8. For Robin
9. Marine Tigers
10. Fuzz Minor
11. Infinite Steve

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