The World Is A Beautiful Place

Assorted Works - Double LP


Release Date
October 25, 2019

The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die has always been a collective. We have gained and lost, grown and shed over the first 10 years. Here we are now, with probably the strongest core we have had yet. We want to collect these songs you may have missed and give the chance to see us at the steps we've taken between albums. From our halves of splits with other bands to companion releases to others you may have heard, these songs are now together on vinyl and arranged in a new package with previously unseen art. While we take our time making the next full length, have a listen to pieces of our past.

Track List
Side 1:
I Will Be OK. Everything
Mega Steve
Bread For Brett
Wait... What?
To The Janitor, To The King

Side 2:
To Miss Catherine (A Birthday Gift. I’m Sorry I Can’t Do Better. But Still...)
blank #6
Be Neon With Me
Beverly Wyatt
Gig Life (Lathe Cut Version)
Fat Heaven
A Note From The Author February 1st To The Author January 1st
We Carry Knives

Side 3:
From The Crow’s Nest On Fire Street
Outer Heaven
Even More Forever
Katamari Duquette

Side 4:
Chest & Shirt
Smoke & Felt
Body Without Organs

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